Chroma [kroh-muh]

“intensity of distinctive hue; saturation of a color.”


Who is Chromacake?

Chromacake is the first Australian based company to have an active part in the development process in the manufacturing of specialised food colouants. When the company that developed Chromacake was established in 2015 it had very specific goal and that was to provide to the world one of the best ranges of food colorants for use in the cake and baking industries.

Chromacake products

What started out as many months of trial and error eventually became the foundation of the first Chromacake products.

What makes Chromacake so different to the rest is that we are not you regular commercialised ‘run of the mill’ distribution company. Our team made the effort at every stage of the research and development process to make sure that the results of our dyes, powders and gels surpassed all the other competitors on the market. Especially those being imported from the USA which is where most of Australia’s colorants and icing products are imported from.

Established in Sydney, Australia and in partnership with a private factory in Italy our products were developed using an incredibly effective formula that has proven results time and time again. We chose Italy as opposed to the more common, cheaper factories used in South East Asia and the US to develop something really special because when it comes to passion and perfection, the Italians are certainly hard to beat.

With over 3 years of research and development our Chromacake products are now been distributed around the world. Indeed we are a small and young company yet we supply the highest quality of colorants in the market.

All our products are made using FDA Approved ingredients are are all Gluten, Dairy and Nut Free so they are very safe to use with a wide array of food products.

So we now we say welcome and invite you to view our range of Chromacake colour products for all cake, baking, ice-cream, macaroon, chocolate and cream requirements. Test it for yourself and discover the real difference in quality, composition and longevity of our colours.