Black 10 grams Fat & Oil Soluble Food Colouring Powder

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Brand: Chromacake
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Introducing the next generation

Introducing the latest Fats & Oil Soluble Colour Powders for the cake decoration and baking industry with the most concentrated and advanced formula on the market. Made with love in Italy, they feature stunningly vivid colours, finely powered texture with the ability to colour many Fat & Oil Based mixtures with only a minimal amount of powder required.


The new Concentrated Chromacake Range of Colouring Powders are like no other on the Market. 



Coloured Powder Features


  • Advanced Fats & Oil Based Formula.

  • Used with Mixtures containing Fats and Oils such as Chocolate, Buttercreams, Ice Creams. 

  • Ultra Fine Texture for Rapid Mixing.

  • Tasteless & Odourless.

  • Vivid, Deep Colour Tones

  • Made Exclusively in Italy for Chromacake.


All Coloured Powders are Allergen Free, Nut Free, dairy Free and Gluten Free.



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