Set of 10 x 10 grams Fat / Oil Soluble Food Colouring Powder Bottles

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Introducing the next generation

This listing is for a complete set of 10 x 10 grams Chromacake Fat / Oil Soluble Coloured Powders.


The latest Fats & Oil Soluble Colour Powders for the cake decoration and baking industry with the most concentrated and advanced formula on the market. Made with love in Italy, they feature stunningly vivid colours, finely powered texture with the ability to colour many Fat & Oil Based mixtures with only a minimal amount of powder required.

Used in Fat/Oil based  Mixtures like:

-      Chocolates

-      Biscuits

-      Gelato

-      Pastries

-      Buttercream mixtures that have VERY HIGH Butter content compared to water based ingredients (sugar, milk,extracts)


(For Buttercream recipes with close ratio of water based ingredients to butter, we recommend to dissolve the Fat soluble powders on butter first, then once everything is mixed, add the water soluble powders little by little until you achieve the colour that you want)



Coloured Powder Features


  • More Healthier than Gels or Pastes

  • 100% Allergen, Gluten, Sugar, Dairy, Nut & Soy Free

  • 100% Pure with No Nasties like Dextrose, Maltodextrin or Sodium Sulphate.

  • Made using Natural Minerals and Raw Ingredients

  • Advanced Fat Based Formula

  • Wont Alter the Consistency of Mixtures

  • No Mess, No Stickiness

  • Long Shelf Life of at Least 3 Years

  • Used with Mixtures containing Fats and Oils such as Chocolate, Buttercreams, Ice Creams. 

  • Ultra Fine Texture for Rapid Mixing.

  • Tasteless & Odorless.

  • Vivid, Deep Colour Tones

  • Made Exclusively in Italy for Chromacake.

  • Safe for Diabetics and Vegan users.


All Coloured Powders are Allergen Free, Nut Free, dairy Free and Gluten Free.



What you'll Receive in the Package


- 1 x 10 grams Bottle Black Fat/Oil Soluble Powder

- 1 x  10 grams Bottle Blue Fat/Oil Soluble Powder

- 1 x 10 grams Bottle Brown Fat/Oil Soluble Powder

- 1 x 10  grams Bottle Red Fat/Oil Soluble Powder

- 1 x 10  grams Bottle Green Fat/Oil Soluble Powder

- 1 x 10  grams Bottle Yellow Fat/Oil Soluble Powder

- 1 x 10  grams Bottle Orange Fat/Oil Soluble Powder

- 1 x 10  grams Bottle Purple Fat/Oil Soluble Powder

- 1 x 10  grams Bottle Pink Fat/Oil Soluble Powder

- 1 x 10  grams Bottle White Fat/Oil Soluble Powder

What is the Difference between Oil Based and Water Based Coloured Powder?


Oil based powder is a highly concentrated powder which is dissolvable in products that have are oil or fat based like chocolates.  Whereas water based powers are also very concentrated and used to mix into a wide variety of products that contain more sugar or water based ingredients like Icing, fondant, sugarpaste, dough's, ice cream or macaroons.

They are the only powders to be gluten, sugar, dairy, nut and soy free and 100% pure with No Nasties like dextrose, maltodextrin or sodium sulphate which is common in other colouring products.

 Here is a table to help explain it better:

** Colouring Powders are much more Safer to Use, Last Longer and are More Intense than Gels ! Read about it right here.

For Product Information and How to Videos including articles please visit our Facebook page here and also check out our Blog Articles .

** We used Chromacake Fat /oil Soluble Powders when Colouring the Chocolates in the video.

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