Colouring Macarons with Chromacake

Well we all love chocolate so we

We've been really geared up and excited to do some more testing using Chromacake coloured powders and so today we are going to make ultra vivid macarons using our hydro soluble powders that are fantastic in pliable mixtures like cake batters, fondant, sugar pastes and macarons to name a few!



Now onto the Vivid Colour Macaron Test...

Right at the very beginning we start to make a standard macarons mix consisting almond meal, egg whites and icing sugar. With the butter cream for the inner layer you can add any flavourings you like vanilla, and any nuts like pistachios (Which we used for our green macarons). Then of course add about 1/4 teaspoon of the amazing Chromacake hydro soluble powder. We started with the green powder.


Note: As the hydro powder is a very special and concentrated formula it appears to look reddish however as soon as it touches moisture it becomes green immediately.



Once the mixture was ready we plated a small portion into 6 x small bowls so we can have 3 colours from the Chromacake Fat / Oil Powder Range and 3 colours from Oil based powders made by the other brand.



Then after a little while your mixture should look like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles's best friend. Really green :-)



We repeated the same steps and beat 3 other macarons mixtures using the Red, Blue and Yellow Chromacake hydro powders. The colour vibrancy was amazing and really looked quite surreal. Its hard to capture all the excitement with a camera !



Once the mixtures were ready, we used oven trays and piped the mixture using a piping bag. We started with the green mixture.



We then started to pipe the yellow coloured mixture..



Then the Red colour was piped..



Finally the splendid blue coloured mixture was piped onto a tray.



We then baked each of the trays in an oven at 150 deg. Celsius for about 18 mins. Even in the oven the colour looks incredible despite loosing a little vividness due to the baking.



Once baked and as soon as the macarons came off the tray without any sticking, we proceeded to filling the tops with the butter cream filling.



Leave the macarons shells on a tray to cool until you add the filling.



Next we began filling in the shells by piping our butter cream mixture.


While we made our butter cream without any colouring, you can really take macarons to another level but using Chromacake powders to colour even the butter cream an alternative colour to the out macarons shells. Experiment and see what you can do!



And Pesto ! They look amazing and vivid with the Chromacake powders. Once filled place in a container and store in a fridge.



Seriously impress family and friends at any event ! The deepness and sheer silky finish are all thanks for the unique formula exclusive to the Chromacake powder range.


The Chromacake powder range arrives in 12 colours (Including Black and White). Even though we only used 4 colours here imagine what you can do with all 12 :-).





Now that you have read our testing and findings in colouring macarons, you can now watch it all in motion via the following video. So sit back and watch how incredible Chromacake concentrated powders really are..










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